This complimentary questionnaire is highly recommended for companies that are interested in exporting. Please, answer all the questions and apply them honestly to your own business situation. The information you provide is used to analyze your company’s export readiness, and review a number of key areas that affect your export success. Your responses should indicate whether you have potential for the international marketplace or whether you need to devote more time and resources before committing to export. You will receive a score once you complete the questionnaire by email, which will help you to assess your export readiness. The assessment takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.

    1. Contact Details

    2. In which of the following sector does your firm operate?

    3. Please describe your product or service?

    4. Export Readiness Assessment

    1. Does your business have a proven track record and an established marketing presence in Aruba?

    2. Do you customarily conduct market research and planning for your domestic operations?

    3. Is your company’s executive leadership committed to exporting and/or willing and able to dedicate staff and resources?

    4. Do you have surplus capacity or the flexibility to expand production or services in order to quickly fulfill an export order from present inventory or other sources?

    5. Do you have the ability or willingness to change packaging, labeling, product features or service to accommodate overseas market requirements if necessary?

    6. Have potential target customers been identified?

    7. Has competition in your target market been identified?

    8. Has your company reviewed potential export risks?

    9. Do you have sufficient capital strength and resources for financing operations and business development overseas?

    10. Does your company have adequate knowledge in shipping products overseas (i.e., completing common export documentation or managing freight forwarders or carriers) or knowledge in exporting services?