The majority of companies in Aruba consists of SMEs. Their success and growth translates into economic growth and prosperity. Therefore, it is important to invest in a support system that guides companies in their effort to grow and expand their product or services in the region and the global market in general.


Exprodesk assists export ready companies throughout the export process.

Identifying international markets, export planning and implementation, trade advice as well as export compliance consultancy are what we offer, to meet your international business expansion objectives.


Exprodesk provides a range of training programs, covering areas of export documentation and export procedures.

Trade training will benefit entrepreneurs when exporting their goods and services, by providing knowledge from documentation through the Preference Rules of Origin and how to work with agents and distributors.


Exprodesk offers workshops to all local companies who are interested in building their export capability.

We offer workshops in an array of skills necessary to successfully export. Regulatory compliance, info on trade and finance, logistics, customs, packaging, and pricing are all topics among others covered by the workshops given by the Exprodesk.


We believe that technology should be used to effectively share knowledge and information.

With the introduction of the webinar capability at the Exprodesk we are able to reach as many people as possible to receive training and guidance anywhere and at anytime.

International Sanctions

The UN Security Council, the European Union and other international organizations use sanctions to maintain or restore peace and security, to promote the international legal order or to combat terrorism. The UN Sanctions are transposed into EU sanctions. Sanctions in the form of a European regulation have direct effect in all EU member states. International sanctions can be implemented in Aruba through the National Ordinance of 21 October 2013 (AB 2013 no. 77) amendment in the Sanctions Regulation 2006 (AB 2007 no. 24): extension of the possibility of applying sanction decisions and improving the designation of supervisors.

It is important for Aruban businesses when importing and exporting to carefully consider if they are not doing business with one of the sanctioned countries or importing/exporting a sanctioned good. Therefore, in order to promote transparency, the EU Sanctions Map is provided by this means to all businesses in order to verify a country or thematic restriction. The EU Sanctions Map provides both the sanctions adopted by the UN as well as those by the EU.

Please, click on the EU Sanctions Map to see the restrictions:

International Sanctions