Valeria Gomez of VADAVAS is a young entrepreneur and one of the daughters of the founder of Vadavas, a jewelry brand founded in 2013 by a mother inspired by her four children (Valentina, Daniela, Valeria and Sebastian). Because of this lady’s journey as a single young mother, she decided every item from Vadavas would be handmade by moms like her. That is why until today Vadavas Jewelry is handmade by single and married moms that are going trough financial challenges. “We believe we can save marriages by providing some extra income for some married moms. But our priority as a brand is single mothers and their families. We know they need extra help and attention, so they can provide love and quality time to their children who so desperately need it.”, Valeria expresses.

How do they do it?
Most single moms have more than just one job, which is why many children end up being raised by anyone except their mom. That’s Vadavas provides moms work they can do from home. This way a second job will no longer separate them from their children.

Today you can find their jewelry in different boutiques around the US, thanks to different expo’s they have attended in the past and tourist who met them in their Flagship store at Paseo Herencia Mall and fell in love with their brand. In addition they opened their first franchise in HHI South Carolina. “My mom’s humble beginnings are now the first pages of a book not fully written down yet, but very promising to a very passionate and dedicated team that has made more than 150000 accessories in which I include myself! It makes me exited about the future!” Valeria expresses.

Back in 2013 Vadavas started with roughly twenty dollars. Today they have come a long way, but they strongly believe and hold on to a truth: The best is yet to come!