Rexa Bizou

A timeless design aesthetic, refined craftsmanship and meaningful inspiration are at the center of the Rexa Bizou brand.

The company was founded in 2015, by designer Rekha Croes-Daryanani — born in Curaçao — after she followed the love of her life and now husband to start their new family life in Aruba.

Born July 18, 1982, Designer Rekha Croes-Daryanani was raised in a jewelry business environment, with her father being a jewelry store owner and goldsmith specialized in jewelry-making. Although she grew up around her father working his jewelry torches — making jewelry pieces from start to finish — it wasn’t until he passed away when she was 25 years old that she identified and pursued a desire to continue his legacy.

The entire Rexa Bizou line is handmade, so you will never find two pieces alike. They may have a similar design and pattern, but there is never an exact equal outcome. “Handmade products have a-lot of love, dedication and craftsmanship in every piece, they are unique and made for the person who ordered it. We don’t keep a stock, each piece is specially made when ordered. In bakery terms, we say: Fresh from the oven.”