Hot Delight

As of January 1 of 2023, Mr. Aurelio has retired, leaving his children Rose-Ann, Kelvin, and Anthony to run the family business. With so many repeat visitors to Aruba enjoying our sauces year after year, the family has sought the advice to export the sauces globally. “Each country has its own set of standards and regulations for importing food products, and various certifications are required to take Hot Delight internationally,” shares Rose-Ann. The family is excited for the next chapter to unfold over the next few years. Visitors can always pick up a jar of their favorite Hot Delight to take back with them from most local stores and souvenir shops.

“My father grew our family business solely on word-of-mouth,” explains his daughter Rose-Ann, who, along with her brothers Kelvin and Anthony, make it a true family business.

Our Hot Delight Papaya hot sauce adds a signature zest to a variety of dishes and recipes. Mild but full of flavor! This hot sauce is made with papayas which is an incredibly special fruit in the Caribbean. It is our most popular flavor loved by many. Hot Delight Papaya hot sauces have won international acclaim!

Our Hot Delight Madame hot sauce is our hottest sauce yet; a true blend of Habaneros and Aruban Madame Jeanette hot peppers that gives you the perfect heat without changing the flavor of the food. This hot sauce is not for the faint of heart, yet it is very well-balanced and not too overwhelming.