Chocoglam Gifts & Beyond

Chocoglam Gifts & Beyond welcomes you to Aruba, the island of exquisite flavors!

If you’re a chocolate enthusiast, their handmade chocolates are a must-try. As a local family business, they’ve created irresistible products to delight every palate and bring smiles to everyone. Their chocolate bars are perfect for savoring the island’s nuances, come in three different lines:

Oranjestad Premium Line: Experience the smoothness of white chocolate, the comforting taste of milk chocolate, the intensity of dark chocolate and the perfect texture combination of crunchy chocolate.

Special Flavors Line: With eleven unique flavors, each bar is a work of art, featuring illustrations that capture the Aruba’s essence.

Vegan Line: Health-conscious customers can savor five delightful flavors, free from sugar and gluten.

Chocoglam also offers a variety of products and receives online orders, from customers in Aruba and also from abroad, to deliver to their love ones living or visiting the island.