Aruba Heat

Aruba Heat, Island Style Hot Sauces, from Mild to Wild.

In Aruba, hot peppers has always been an important part of the island’s culinary kitchen. You will find Habanero and Scotch Bonnet peppers, locally also known as Madam Jeanette, in almost every garden and marinated on vinegar with onions on every household table. At Aruba Heat we use the freshest and finest of ingredients and cordially invite you to enjoy our sauces, each with its unique flavors and heat level, to add a delicious and spicey taste of Aruba’s island life to your favorite dishes.

Aruba Heat Products is owned and operated by chef Michel Frank since 2008. With the love for heat and spicy foods and his culinary passion, he caters the Aruban market and its visitors. Aruba Heat hot sauces are made artisan style to provide that authentic ‘homemade’ experience and ‘feel’ to our hot sauce lovers, foodies, and culinary explorers. The production cycles are always done in small batches to maintain better and consistent quality control. Carefully selected herbs, vegetables, hot peppers, and spices are used without any preservatives.

Currently there are 7 hot sauces, Red Heat, BBQ Heat, Assplosive, Habanero, Mango, Pineapple and the famous Papaya. Each with its unique island flavors from mild to wild. Last year a local culinary favorite was added to the lineup: Rucu Tradishonal. This sauce does not contain heat but adds an explosion of flavors and color to your dishes.

Aruba Heat Products are produced, bottled, and distributed in Aruba by Imports 2000 & More nv.