Tech, Professional Services & Arts Without Borders 2020 Workshops – Webinar: “Export Financing” Step 2

Okt 9, 2020

Exprodesk in collaboration with Mrs. Lay Hing de Kort Yee and Mr. Frits Israel organized the webinar “Export Financing and Export Legal Aspects”. This webinar equipped participants with the knowledge on How to Manage Financial Risks (political, legal, credit & financial, quality, transportation & logistics, language and cultural), Financial Steps (sale projection, sale costs, overhead like marketing, accounting and salaries, income statement projections, Price (Cost-plus Pricing, Cost, Mark-up %), Market-oriented Pricing/Competition-based, Dynamic Pricing/Time-based, Export Legal Aspects (clients, products, company protection, laws-different countries-different rules, payment conditions), Consumer Protection, Legal Aspect of the Products you are Selling, Company Protection, Market Partner(s), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Tools to consider when exporting. Contract considerations and Taxation considerations. Participant needed to do their weekly homework. The assignment was to work on their Financial Budget (Total market research costs, Total Sales (Sales -/ transaction development), Total pre-shipment costs and Total export operating costs).