Tech, Professional Services & Arts Without Borders 2020 Workshops – Webinar: CXPAy “Innovation Through ePayments-Multi-Channel Payment Processing” Step 2

Okt 1, 2020

Exprodesk in collaboration with Mr. David Levy Maduro from CXPayl organized the webinar “Innovation through ePayments-Multi-Channel Payment Processing”. Participants learned inter alia: What a Payment Gateway is 101; What do merchants need to be successful online; Understanding All the Working Parts involved in Your Merchant Customers’ Success Online: Domain Register, Web/App Developer, Web Hosting, Shopping Cart, and Accepting Payments; How does Credit Cards Processing Work; Understanding All the Working Parts involved in Processing a Credit card Transaction: Cardholder, Merchant, Payment Gateway, Payment Processor, Issuing bank (Cardholder Bank), Credit Card Network, Acquiring Bank (Merchant Bank); Credit Card Transaction Flow; GATEWAY: Cards / LPM / Crypto; Crowdfunding through Donations; Pre-Paid Cards; eWallet: P2P / C2B; Cashless Payments: Moments – Events- Gift card – Loyalty; Hardware options; Security & Fraud Detection; Back Office Tools and also Third-Party Integrations.