Tech, Professional Services & Arts Without Borders 2020 Workshops – Webinar: Am I ready? Defining Your Product and Services Step 2

Sept 25, 2020

Exprodesk in collaboration with Mrs. Lay Hing de Kort Yee and Mr. Frits Israel organized the webinar “Am I ready? Defining your product and services” that started Step 2 of the Project ‘Tech, Professional Services and Arts without Borders 2020’.

This webinar covered the following topics: Who is your target audience?; The purpose and elements of a Situation Analysis; Marketing Mix (7 Ps); Export Operations Considerations; Export Finance Considerations; Export Commercial Considerations; Business Model Canvas for Exporting; Know what you are bringing to the market; Market Hook; Identify market trends for your business; Do market research; Drilling down for information; Customer profile in the market; Export Marketing Objectives; Quick intro to branding; Branding tips and Branding, Origin & Value.