Tech, Professional Services & Arts Without Borders 2020 Workshops – General Webinar: The Exporter Mindset Tech Without Borders 2020-Step 1

Sept 14, 2020

Exprodesk in collaboration with Mrs. Lay Hing de Kort Yee from Cornerstone Economics and Mr. Frits Israel from Doc Opleidingen facilitated the webinar ‘The Exporter Mindset’ which was the 1st Step of the Project ‘Tech & Services without Borders 2020’. This Project which has a duration of 6 months, consists of 4 Steps total and strives to assist Aruban SMEs to expand beyond the Kingdom by providing them with the necessary information, guidance and one-on-one coaching so that they can internationalize and expand their horizon. Companies were encouraged in this webinar to consider their products/services (R&D) and to take a professional approach in evaluating their readiness for export and by considering the commercial, operational, financial and legal requirements.