Workshop From Zero to Hero Step 2

Step 2 September 16, 2019: “From zero to hero- steps to export and change your business and your life” consisting of 7 Modules (on a weekly basis).

A step by step process of how to get SMEs ready to export and prepare your plan. Each module will provide SMEs with explanatory learning tools and practical exercises that will guide you step by step to build a successful export plan.

Nex Consulting will also present you with actionable recommendations that you can implement immediately.

Module 1- Am I ready? Defining your services

Module 2- Market hook- identifying trend and doing market research

Module 3- Pack it up! Preparing your services for export

Module 4- Digital optimization- Making efficient use of available digital resources

Module 5- R&D on steroid- effective market testing

Module 6- Export Marketing- smart positioning and sales

Module 7- Sealing the deal-Negotiation and expansion


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